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Suze Retera

Our Story

- Finding Balance In Daily Life Through A Holistic Approach -

Looking for a product that is effective and affordable yet at the same time organic and produced with care in an ethical way is not always easy. Having a hard time finding a body care product that is free from chemicals, but also smells good and does what it promises, I decided to create my own product, combining what I love and know to work for me.


While living in Morocco I started to use Argan oil. A beautiful, traditional oil, made by the women in the area. I loved the high quality of the oil and that it was 100% natural. On top of that, the oil was made with care by women who had been passing this beautiful tradition on for many generations.

I started experimenting to create the oil that would be perfect for me. And soon the idea was born to make an oil line that would offer the perfect oil for everybody, based on the constitution types of Ayurveda. I teamed up with Kimmana Nichols, a naturopath, and Ayuvedic teacher, who developed an essential oil blend for the 3 constitution types: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Once I brought it all together, Oil & Ohm was born! A delicious holistic body oil that combines the amazing nourishing qualities of pure Argan oil with the balancing qualities of the Ayurvedic essential oil blends. Combined they enhance each other's healing properties and turn into the most delicious body oil you can imagine!


Meet the Founder: Suze Retera

As a yoga teacher, psychologist and traveler, it is Suze's passion to combine and share the things that make her happy and helped her along her metaphorical and literal journeys. This resulted in different companies that all have a holistic nature: Global Flow Retreats combines yoga and coaching with travel. Her workshops, classes, and private sessions combine yoga with different forms of mental and physical work like family constellations, TRE, and mindfulness. And Oil & Ohm combines traditional Moroccan Argan oil with essential oils.


The Holistic Ayurvedic oil line is based on the ancient Indian science of life and health Ayurveda.
Why would you limit yourself to only one thing when you can combine disciplines and products, uniting their qualities to create a product or experience with true holistic superpowers?

Suze makes each bottle of oil herself, guaranteeing they all have the same unique blend and are all made with care. Personal attention is a magic ingredient that makes the oils truly unique.

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